Malvinee J.

Prior to coming, I had problems with standing erect. When I first started I was having trouble with my feet dragging and I was shuffling. I no longer have trouble picking up my feet. My arm was not swinging. Since I started coming to physical therapy, my arm is swinging and I don’t have to think about it. I used to have trouble getting in and out of the bed and now I no longer have trouble with that. I am now able to vacuum and mop the floor which I was unable to perform. I could not stand greater than 15 minutes but now I am able to stand longer without discomfort. I feel more stable which is due to all the exercises that I do at home and I can tell they are having an effect on my movement. I notice when I do the exercises I have more energy after. I feel encouraged. I’ve noticed that people that I know that have Parkinson’s say exercise does not make a difference, but it does. It makes a difference with your overall physical and mental outlook. I recommend that anyone that has Parkinson’s comes and completes the program and exercises.