Patient Testimonials

  • Thanks to all of the staff at Lott for their support. The ladies at the front are so friendly, I always feel welcomed. I am a Multiple Sclerosis patient and have made a lot of progress and learned life long exercises. I have worked with most of the Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants, they are all very kind, considerate, and motivating!!

    Janet D.

  • I love Lott Physical Therapy! I have been here twice before for different reasons, but when my doctor told me I needed surgery I knew that should be my last option. After coming for therapy previously, the issues were fixed. My first visit was yesterday for my back and if feels better already! Lott Physical Therapy fixes the problems. The whole team is awesome, friendly, kind, and professional!!

    Denise E.

  • I highly recommend Lott Physical Therapy. Dr. Lott and Dr. Devanna provide excellent care for their patients. The staff is so friendly and professional. They are focused on meeting the needs of their clients and improving their quality of life through effective therapy. I can confirm that Lott Physical therapy has helped tremendously with my upper back, neck, and elbow pain. They have given me more range of motion and the ability to return to my normal activities.

    Stefani S.

  • I recently had problems with pain in my elbow. Physical Therapy at Lott Physical Therapy has been amazing in my recovery so that I can keep training. The staff really goes above and beyond.

    Dan F.

  • I was having trouble with my hips while trying to run. In the midst of Covid-19, I was unable to benefit from one of my favorite stress relievers. Dr. Lott was able to use telehealth to help me figure out what exercises to do at home to help get me back to running again. I’m so grateful for his problem solving skills, flexibility, adaptability, and knowledge. I highly recommend Lott Physical Therapy for in-person as well as on-line treatment sessions.

    Marti Smith, OTR/L Occupational Therapist

  • I was suffering from Vertigo. Although I was skeptical, Dr. Lott assured me that he would be able to help me with it. After viewing a couple of videos to show me why this was happening, Dr. Lott proceeded with the therapy. I am happy to say that my world is no longer spinning out of control. Life is much better now. I will definitely recommend physical therapy to anyone suffering from vertigo.

    Diane M.

  • Charles W.

  • This is one excellent place for therapy. Not only is the staff professional and knowledgeable, they practically performed a miracle on me. I’d been on Advil every night for the past 16 years because of my neck. After 5 weeks of therapy, I’m totally off of Advil. I highly recommend Lott’s!

    Carey F.

  • Extremely impressed with the physical therapy I received for my ankle. Very professional and knowledgeable staff – plus everyone on the team is welcoming. I definitely made some new friends.

    Helen C.

  • Really enjoyed the staff at Lott Physical Therapy! They are professional, friendly, and really personable! They made me feel very comfortable with my visits each day. I would highly recommend them to family and friends!

    Candice G.

  • I went in for a balance problem and would never have believed it would work but it did. The staff is wonderful. I was so surprised that just a little balance could solve so many problems I had. I would recommend this PT place to everyone. They also treated me 4 years ago for my knee replacement and my dr was so pleased with the results. Wonderful place!!

    Marilyn G.

  • This is my first time to go through any kind of physical therapy. The crew in Corsicana have made me laugh and most important, my pain is not as noticeable as it was before I started. Kudos!!!!

    Gary A.

  • My experience with Lott Physical Therapy Center has been nothing short of wonderful. The people are very caring and attentive with the objective of helping me recover from my knee injury to the best it can be.

    Jo P.

  • If you are in need of some type of rehab to help improve your life, maybe before an accident happened, or after a surgery or even a fall, Lott’s is the place you need to help you with the correct kind of therapy needed to help you feel like your old self again or even better. The Doctors and Phyical Therapist are extremely helpful and wonderful and they listen to what you need and follow through with your treatment. The fitness center is a Great place to continue your workouts at your own pace.

    Diana S.

  • I started with Physical Therapy (I keep telling people that’s where I got my life back!) and after therapy I just made a natural transition to the Fitness Center. Both are incredible. The equipment is top notch, the staff is professional, friendly and always ready to help. They have everything you would need or want in the Fitness Center for a great work out routine. And they keep adding even more as time goes by like the Fitness on Demand Videos and more new equipment! I feel very fortunate to have such a place to go to in Corsicana. Love Lott Physical Therapy and Fitness Center and the wonderful people that work there!

    Rachelle C.

  • Prior to coming, I had problems with standing erect. When I first started I was having trouble with my feet dragging and I was shuffling. I no longer have trouble picking up my feet. My arm was not swinging. Since I started coming to physical therapy, my arm is swinging and I don’t have to think about it. I used to have trouble getting in and out of the bed and now I no longer have trouble with that. I am now able to vacuum and mop the floor which I was unable to perform. I could not stand greater than 15 minutes but now I am able to stand longer without discomfort. I feel more stable which is due to all the exercises that I do at home and I can tell they are having an effect on my movement. I notice when I do the exercises I have more energy after. I feel encouraged. I’ve noticed that people that I know that have Parkinson’s say exercise does not make a difference, but it does. It makes a difference with your overall physical and mental outlook. I recommend that anyone that has Parkinson’s comes and completes the program and exercises.

    Malvinee J.