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Direct Access

Texas law allows licensed physical therapists to evaluate you without obtaining a referral from your doctor. We do need a referral to treat. We can help expedite this process for you. Contact Us!

Workers’ Compensation

To schedule your first appointment:

  • We must have your Work Comp claim number and adjuster contact info before we schedule you for care.

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Cash Rates for Physical Therapy Services

  • Initial Evaluation: $150
  • Extended Follow-Up: $120

Front Desk Coordinator Wisdom: You are your best advocate when it comes to understanding how your insurance works. Call your insurance company, ask them questions, and ask us questions to make sure you know exactly how much coverage you have.

Using Insurance to Pay for Physical Therapy Visits

We are happy to assist you in determining your level of coverage for outpatient physical therapy services and will verify coverage before initiating physical therapy.

Please note: Your expected contribution for outpatient physical therapy may not be the same as your co-pay or co-insurance for other types of medical visits.

Lott Physical Therapy Accepts Many Major Insurance Plans, Workers’ Compensation, and Auto Insurance

We have contracts with most insurance carriers and will send bills to these carriers on your behalf.

Auto Insurance

In order to be seen under an auto-insurance claim, you must be the policyholder.

We do accept Auto Insurance
We do accept third-party claims
We don't accept letters of protection from attorneys

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Out Of Network Insurances – Billed Directly

Lott Physical Therapy does not have contracts with these carriers but many plans have very good out of network benefits. Give us a call and we would be happy to check for you.

Medicare Part B

We are happy to provide services to those who are covered under Medicare Part B.

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Have a question about your statement?

The top left corner of your statement will have a phone number for you to call and speak to our billing company. They are experts in insurance billing and would be happy to help you. If they do not answer your question, please give our office a call.