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Kinesio Taping

Kinesiotaping with David

Level 3 Kinesio Taping Certified staff are availabe at Lott Physical Therapy.  Kinesio Tape placed strategically to help assist in the joint’s action or treat a joint dysfunction has been extremely successful and clients have been amazed at the benefits. The technique helps provide support, relieve pain, improve circulation, reduce inflammation, relax or assist overstressed muscles, and correct dysfunctional muscle and joint actions.

Unlike more rigid braces, Kinesio Taping does not limit range of motion. And unlike traditional tape jobs, it isn’t compressive or constrictive – 2 things which can limit circulation and lymph flow and consequently impair function both acutely and long term (if healing is impaired). Kinesio Taping can be used on major muscle groups and smaller joints alike to treat such issues as carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fascitiis, and rotator cuff injuries to name a few.