I Got My Life Back!

I GOT MY LIFE BACK!!!!!! I am 61 years old. I have a severe autoimmune inflammatory condition. To add, I also had a stroke plus a mini stroke and two open heart surgeries. In 2007, my condition was so severe that I entered the hospital almost completely paralyzed – according to my doctor, I was in the process of dying. Enter Lott Physical Therapy & Fitness Center . . . MY HERO! My doctor and I discussed physical therapy over the years, but a facility that could meet my needs both short and long term was not yet available in Corsicana. My doctor waited until Lott arrived in Corsicana . . . he knew that when therapy was over I needed a program to continue the work therapy had started so that I would not only maintain what I had gained but would also continue to see improvement. Dr Whitman set me up in the Fitness Center with a personalized program and Afton, the Fitness Center certified trainer, keeps me challenged, but safe. I just keep improving and improving. GOD BLESS YOU LOTT PHYSICAL THERAPY AND FITNESS CENTER!

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